Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bros icing 'nauts

Just when I thought I was done with this blog you, New York, pull me back in. The above is the illustrious Foursquare founder trying to “ice” actual Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin at a Meatpacking District club. Icing has now jumped the shark. For you late-comers check out the instructional video below. I am going to now go ice Davey Delcourt and never speak of this trend again.

Photo via RandomNightOut

Monday, June 7, 2010

The A list? More like the gay list

Because Logo's new show The A List is just a reality show filled with gay models. Seriously Logo. If you don't take that gAy List title now I'm gonna create my own gay reality show based in NYC. Come meet the cast.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

City Drive Live

I recently purchased this beautiful new TV which, apparently, is useless unless you have an antenna. So I got one of those and now I can watch FOX. Well, FOX and City Drive Live. And with FOX's line up I have to admit I can't turn away from this new channel. This video fish bowl flashes on different parts of New York City from the FDR to Riverside Drive to Times Square displaying traffic. Just traffic. Nothing else. I hate traffic when I'm in it but as an entertainment source it's UNBELIEVABLE. I'm just worried that if I leave it on for too long I'll see one of you get him by that taxi on the left.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marina Abramovic and Sex and the City 2 Review

I was gonna post a picture of vomit here but it's early after a long weekend and you don't need any encouragement...

Jump to Gawker to view the full story

Friday, May 28, 2010

Now showing at a theater near you

Last month we warned you. Now it's here. We have taken off and are hiding in our secret bunkers from the 39422395870 posters, commercials, and subway ads sounding the arrival of the four archangels of apocalypse. These shoe shopping movie characters are now everywhere amongst us and it is only a matter of time before wanna-bes flock to our city and martinis are being sipped on every single upscale outdoor restaurant patio.

Just to encourage you out-of-towners to come sip your martinis in the city of lore here's a chance to win a trip for two to NYC to meet the Sex in the City 2 stylist for a VIP consult and new wardrobe. How Carrie!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess who has a new subway hero?

We do! How exciting! And this time he ran off into the night like Batman, not even sticking around to let us see who he is and spend all summer praising him. Full article on Gawker.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh yeah, this naked exhibit is still going on...

“I waited eight hours and the dumb bitch in front of me sat with her until MoMA closed!

I just wanted to cry. I just wanted to cry in front of Marina Abramovic.”

Thanks for reminding me,, or I would have forgotten to tell everyone that Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present is in its last week at MoMA.

I recommend starting out by watching people sit there across the table while Marina doesn't even have the good manners to say "Hello." Yeah. She sits at a table and anyone can just walk up, sit down across from her, and demand an autograph. She won't do it though. Here's a live video feed so you can watch her totally blow off her fans.

When you're bored of watching someone sit still all day long calling it performance art go check out all the naked people reliving her glory days when she would actually do stuff like lie naked on top of a skeleton. Def worth the admission fee.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For you LOST fans out there...

We all know the bad news: the beloved TV show LOST ends next week. After the series finale five million fans will exclaim, "THAT'S IT? THAT'S IT?!?" and go on a Frankensteinesque rampage through our cities, ending civilization as we know it.

Before that happens you might be interested in checking out the Vilcek Foundation's LOST exhibit. It opens today and celebrates the artists and filmmakers behind LOST. The primary focus seems to be the images and biographies of 20 immigrant and first-generation contributors to the hit television show, including Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, writer Melinda Hsu Taylor, actor Jorge Garcia (Hurley), and cinematographer John Bartley.

Yeah. I know. All five seasons I've been wondering what made Melinda Hsu Taylor tick too. In my opinion, the real draw of the exhibit is the abundance of original props from the show. For a preview of what they're featuring check out this short video. The Vilcek Foundation is located at 167 East 73rd St.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things are getting worse...

It was just two weeks ago that we were reporting on the subway etiquette posters that then sparked violation reports. Now the city has been taken over with blame. Victim Number 1, as usual: the Hipsters.

hipster image courtesy of

Friday, May 14, 2010

Steal me!

Borough President Scott Stringer says "Only YOU can prevent ATM theft." When questioned further about his underworld dealings with fellow drug dealer Avon Barksdale, Stringer scratched his head and repeated himself.

Speaking as someone who usually identifies whether he's visited a restaurant or not by the graffiti on the neighboring outside ATM I have to say that I am appalled to hear that these ridiculously expensive contraptions are being pulled from sidewalks all over the city. That's right, instead of endangering the innocents who try to pull out $80 for a round of Patron from a shady ATM, a group of thieves are avoiding the human element altogether and just stealing the machines altogether. That's smarts for you. For the full story click here.

picture courtesy of

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know what I'm hungry for...

Thanks to Vinny "The Bunny" Balducci for this excellent shot of his favorite ice cream truck in NYC.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's coming...

...and by it we mean they and by they we mean the massive amounts of sailors that will pour into our city. That's right gang, May 26th - June 2nd is FLEET WEEK!!!

Protect your heads ladies. As soon as those caps hit your noggin you are claimed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NYC Pet Show

The first-ever NYC Pet Show, at the 30,000 square-foot Metropolitan Pavilion, promises to be a treat. A treat for anyone who loves meeting weird pet owners. The NYC Pet Show website boasts "an interactive experience comprised of activities, meet & greets, seminars and panel discussions." Who have they lined up for the meet & greet? Former dog beauty contest winners? The man who invented the KONG toy? Will the panel discussions focus on the important "cat vs dog" debate? Or just cover the "will your dog play fetch with any old ball" controversy that always happens at these conferences? I CAN'T WAIT TO KNOW.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Flirting can get expensive

A hot tip was sent our way that apparently there is a law in New York State that a fine of $25 can be levied for flirting. So watch out big guy hitting on my girlfriend at the bar or I will take you outside. And write you a ticket.

photo courtesy of

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ray's Pizza

How many Ray's Pizzas are there in New York City? According to google, 567,000. There are "Ray's Original Pizza," "Famous Ray's Pizza," "World-Famous Original Ray's Pizza," "Another Ray's Pizza Down the Street from that Other Ray's" and "Look at me, I'm the real Ray and I will stand up Pizza." I may have made up the last two. The funny thing about this Ray phenomena is that I'm not entirely sure that I did.

Supposedly the original restaurant was opened by Ralph Cuomo at 27 Prince Street in 1959. There's no real way to verify the original location though. I might just start telling people that I did it to see if it will get me into all those cool clubs in lower Manhattan.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enough of this ticket nonsense, let's arrest everyone

Following on our super fascinating story of last week on guerrilla subway etiquette posters we are tickled to announce that the website Violation Report has posted a full manual on subway indiscretions. Check it out.

The beauty of Violation Report is that it focuses on what New Yorkers do best, publicly and anonymously shaming their fellow man. All you have to do is take a photo, file a detailed report on their site, and it will go live on their violation database. I know, I looked through it to make sure I wasn't already reported too.

If you don't feel like anonymously shaming people the site provides downloadable tickets you can issue in person. Good luck with that. Stay tuned for our follow up post: funny youtube video of guy trying to issue subway violation ticket getting beat up by old lady with umbrella.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Return of the Spelling

Die hard fans like yourself may recall that close to a year ago we reported on Tori Spelling's posters being defaced in subway tunnels around the city.

Well good news NYC! Tori Spelling's back with a new show and new graffiti art to match. We found this piece of art in the Carroll St F train stop.

The above gives you the basic flavor of Tori's new look. Obviously that adorable baby from before has grown up and is a total pothead:
Some of you may say, "That's despicable! He's only a child!" Hold on there Daffy Duck. Check out the pic without the blunt:

That kid looks high as f*ck. Which marketing genius thought this was a flattering photo? The kid is clearly tripping balls and thinks he's got the family maid and butler on marionette strings. I mean, what else could he possibly be doing with that gesture? Speaking of gestures, what's up with Mr. Tori Spelling?
Why would you ever pose like that? Is he ACTING? Is he doing a bollywood dance? Is he changing an imaginary light bulb? Listen Mr. Tori Spelling, you pose like that in NYC you're basically asking for this to happen:

Just like last time you remain the boner champ.

Last but not least I have to point out that Tori's head-giving abilities as espoused by the previous poster must have caught up with her because now she is a devilish and domestic sex symbol that even the dog wants to get with.

Wait, what? Her kid's a druggie and her husband fondles balls but she for some reason knows how to cook (note the serving fork), is dressed like a sexy devil and is all of a sudden attractive to other beings? couldn't be.

My god. It is. NYiR late-breaking story: Tori Spelling is the artist.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Subway etiquette signs

It's about time someone did this. Check out these guerilla subway etiquette signs that artist Jay Shells is putting up in random trains this week. Collectors itemmmmm!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

NPR Reports: Hipsters suck, Williamsburg lame

Yeah, my household is me, this girl I just met, my brother Tree here, an iPad, and twenty Smith albums.

NPR has noticed what NYiR reported a long time ago: hipsters in Williamsburg are lame.

The abstract from the NPR article:

Many New York City residents aren't returning their census forms. The return rate is only around 50 percent, but the lowest rate of return (around 30 percent) is the hipster enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These young, recent graduates with ironic mustaches and plaid shirts are apparently too busy tweeting to fill out a simple census form.

My fav part is when one hipster was asked what he thought would increase the return rate and replied, "I mean people would do it if they got like five bucks." He then went on to say that he could totally score two Sparks for that much and high-fived his friend who tweeted "NPR u r so 2009."

For the ever-funny SNL census skit click here.

photo courtesy of

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NY Mag declares New Jersey Most Livable Neighborhood in New York

J/k! Take the plunge into the statistical madness that is NY Magazine's Most Livable Neighborhood article.

Spoiler alert: number 1 with a bullet is the place that has everything - Slobitches, YOGs, and gang warfare. Sounds ideal to me!

I imagine they will continue to update this list as the affordability, shopping, and restaurants change every five minutes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sparks Energy Drink

First the bad news: Sparks has been reported dead. What is Sparks you say? Why only the number one best-selling alcoholic energy drink in the city of New York featuring malt liquor, taurine, caffeine, guarana and ginseng.

Apparently after corporate America (hate you corporate America! you ruin everything!) found out that kids love energy drinks and secretly drinking alcohol and Sparks is an energy drink and has 7% alcohol content in it they were like "Dagnabit! No more caffeine in Sparks!" and MillerCoors was all like, "Yes sir. Right away sir."

So the bad news is that in early 2009 everyone got all sad because Sparks was going to die without it's caffeine boost. Now the good news: we're here a year and a half later to point out that it did not. Sparks may exist in other cities but it in New York you can find it everywhere milk is sold. See?

So while it may not carry the same kick it used to it still tastes gross and makes you look homeless. Available everywhere in NYC.

Friday, April 9, 2010

NYC Prep, Gossip Girl, and 50 cent....Oh My!

It had to happen. At some point someone would have to notice all of the successful Upper East Side teenager-does-drugs-and-has-sex TV shows and say, "I know. I'll be the 43975304976 person to do a movie about that." The movie, Twelve, received horrible reviews at Sundance and may not see much success but we had to bring you this trailer.

Why? Because it was not enough to just reference Upper East Side shows like Gossip Girl and NYC Prep, they had to deliberately pluck the stars from those shows to fill their cast. Check out Chace Crawford (Nate on GG) being moody or just zoom ahead to the 1:18 marker to watch PC from NYC Prep cum in his pants. What a way to break into the entertainment industry.

In our opinion it would be a simple editing fix to make this movie a great success: just switch in Chace selling his body to 50 Cent for drugs instead of that Blair Waldorf rip-off. Ta-daa. Instant millions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You are 50% more likely to get a cab if you put your hand up

The New York Times has graced us with info on where to get info on where to get a cab. For most of us New Yorkers it's a simple act of leaping into traffic with your arm upright (I prefer the thumb in, four finger method myself) but what once was an art can now be called science.

Using GPS wizardry a detailed map on the best spots to get a cab at a given day and time has been developed. Topping the list for 9 a.m. Monday cab hails are, not surprisingly, Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central. However, at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, passengers stumble into more cabs at 10th Avenue and 27th Street in Chelsea than anywhere else in the city. Is Bungalow 8 making a come back? If so and you want in on the action follow these three easy steps listed by an expert reviewer on yelp:

"1. bring a)women b)a regular or c)alot of money for bottles
2. dress to the nines (barneys or bergdorf can help you)
3. dont show up until 1 am because that is when it gets going"

Barneys or Bergdorf can help us all. Click here for the New York Times article.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


10,000 of you have looked at New York is Ridiculous in the 11 months we've been up. Stop it! Go outside or someting.

J/k. Thanks for the love.

Monday, April 5, 2010

NYiR is such a Samantha

The second Sex and the City movie launches in exactly 60 days and boy are we here at the New York is Ridiculous office excited. And by excited we mean for the vacation the entire staff will take to avoid the ridiculous upsurge of middle-aged women sipping on martinis, talking about shoes and making eyes at us. If the first movie taught us anything it's that SATC magnetizes women who refuse to age gracefully to our fair city.

Due to the recent beating Sarah Jessica Parker took on South Park I will back off the "ladies" themselves and simply offer this link to an article about how some hotels and clubs are trying to cash in on the action. Enjoy! While you read that we'll be looking into rentals in the countryside.

photo courtesy of

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hipster spin off time

Month and months ago we tipped y'all off to Look at this Fucking Hipster. We are pleased to bring you the latest and best spin off of that site, Representative Rosa DeLauro is a Fucking Hipster. Yes, we realize that Rosa DeLauro is a Rep from CT. But first off, we all know that Connecticut is just a suburb of New York City. Secondly, they don't have hipsters there so all the jokes are about how Rosa hangs out in NYC. For example, the caption for the pic above is, “Found it in a thrift store off the Lorimer stop. 8 bucks. Guy who owned the place was listening to Nickleback. I know, right?”

Congratulations Travis and Kirk, you just got added to the ridiculous link section of NYiR.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In NYC anyone can be a white person when they grow up

Or so goes the tale of Billy Elliot. Billy Elliot is a Broadway show about a predominantly white mining town and the one kid of color that they all pin their hopes and dreams to, knowing that one day if he works hard enough he too can become Caucasian. That's my take away from the musical. Let me introduce you to three of the kids who play Billy depending on the night:

This is Dayton Taveres.

This is Liam Redhead (yes, really).

This is Alex Ko. First off, why so many kids for the one show? Did they have a tough middle-schoolesque audition and didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings? Did they all gather around the casting director who said, "The part of Billy goes to........ALL YOU GUYS! You were all so great!" and they all went out to TGIFridays after?

I am totally fine if they want to cast a non-white Billy. Awesome. Let talent shine. But seriously Broadway, could you not cast at least a mother to Billy (who has all of 20 lines in the show) that looked remotely like the kid?

My personal favorite ridiculous moment is when Billy has a dance with his future self. Note: dance. No lines. Yet someone thought, "Eh. Let's just cast a white guy." So you have this little African-American kid dancing with who he will become in twenty years and the only recognizable difference is that Billy has undergone extensive Michael Jackson whitening surgery.

I think there was something about mining strikes and family in this musical but the main lesson remains: if you dance your heart out you will end up white.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's exactly what it looks like

Mayor Bloomberg appeared in fully hippie gear on Saturday night to sing along with the cast of "Hair" at a charity dinner put on by Inner Circle to raise money for dozens of causes, such as the Coalition for the Homeless, the Museum of the City of New York and the American Heart Association. In typical "mayor does charity" fashion he took a good ribbing and made cracks about bringing down the crime rate such as, "I've already brought crime down at frat parties. Peeing in the bushes has dropped 15 percent." HiLARious.

The crème-de-la-crème was when Snooki and The Situation from The Jersey Shore waltzed on-stage, clearly as confused as everyone else as to why they were there, dressed in their usual guido gear. I'm pretty sure they had no clue they were on-stage, what "Hair" was, or what a Bloomberg is. When asked how he felt about the homeless situation in the city of New York Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino lifted up his shirt and pointed at his abs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Bulletin

You missed these didn't you? Here's what's what this weekend:

It's ASIA WEEK in the city. You didn't know that did you? God, you can be so culturally insensitive sometimes. J/k. How would you know? It's the first annual Asia Week New York, a collaboration between 294723098 museums that focus on Asian art and culture. Even if you're hungover and can't walk further than your local bagel place this weekend you'll probably still be able to catch an event or showing on the way; they're everywhere. Click the link for more deets.

Not in the mood for Chinese? How about the new Gossip Girl tour? On this three and a half hour tour of the Upper East Side you can "get spotted" at the kids' high school, shop at Henri Bendel, and (I love this part) sit on the steps of the Met JUST LIKE THEY DO ON THE SHOW! Meet at noon at 51st St and Madison Ave and experience the magic that is a mundane Upper East Side lifestyle.

At night I'd recommend checking out Annie's Shakespeare Showdown because A) when was the last time you went to a Shakespearian coming out party and B) I dated Annie for two months sophomore year of high school (true story). There's live music, burlesque dancers, drinks, and the actors are wandering around schmoozing with you so you can drunkenly hit on Romeo just like your English teacher would've wanted you to. (at China One, 8-10 pm each night this weekend)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sexy times at the Standard Hotel

Remember when we gave you that enlightening piece about the High line and how all these people now have to put up curtains so tourists don't catch them making the beast with two backs? Well apparently the Standard Hotel, which straddles the High line, has up until now invited people to make the beast with nine, twelve, or however many backs you can fit into a non-smoking double.

Previously the hotel ran ads inviting guests to stay there while it was still under construction. The ads read, “We’ll put up with your banging if you put up with ours.” Soon enough neighbors began to comment that they saw all sorts of shenanigans in the big open windows. “Lights, leather, chains. Everything," said the owner of a meat co-op (ironic much?).

One guest apparently was turned down when they sauntered up to the front desk and said something akin to, "How much for an orgy?" The man at the front desk must have been new because he said that a maximum of three guests are allowed to stay in a room. Don't worry though, the hotel won't be reneging on it's rep as the go-to sex haven. A hotel rep said, "Whoa! There must have been a misunderstanding. We'll investigate further."

photo courtesy of

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Hollywood, We stole your celebrities. Sincerely, Broadway

While many of us have felt the effects of the economic crash no one has been hit quite as hard as celebrity map vendors in Hollywood. Why? Because every single f-ing celebrity is on Broadway right now. Remember hearing something about Jude Law starring as Hamlet? Yeah, that was like feeling the first drop of rain in a storm. Get out your umbrellas New Yorkers because here's a quick list of people roaming Times Square after dark:

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are in a two man show a la Brokeback Mountain but with Wolverine and 007
Sienna Miller (because she can't quit her JLaw)
James Gandolfini (as a Wild Thing)
Susan Sarandon
Katie Holmes (she doesn't know she's acting and not in a lab somewhere)
Will Ferrell
Christopher Walkin (catch him after a show and he will recreate the entire Weapon of Choice video)
Lucy Liu
Angela Lansbury
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Vanessa Williams (yes she still exists)
Alicia Silverstone
Aaron Tveit (Tripp Van der Bilt from Gossip Girl, hello?)

We're sorry Hollywood, but all your celebrities are ours now. The only downside is that this means I will never get a turn playing Mary Poppins.

image courtesy of

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do I smell a "Look at these fucking meditators" website brewing?

Earlier this week a group of meditators from the Interdependence Project sat in the pathways in the Port Authority Subway station during rush-hour. The best line from the event was when the NYPD came by and attempted to break it up by saying "Sorry guys, you can't do anything that raises awareness." Either that or the "Jesus! Repent!" lady in the background.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Exit Bar and Lounge

While we remain partial to Blue & Gold here at NYiR there's nights when you just don't want to go to Manhattan for a drink. Thus we are officially endorsing Last Exit Bar and Lounge as our go-to hidden gem in Brooklyn. Besides the beautiful artwork (see above) they have action figures for each of their bartenders. They show Freaks and Geeks every Sunday night. Just for moving into the neighborhood (and get this, avoiding realtor fees!) they gave us a free round. And if all of the decor, entertainment, and accommodation isn't enough to tempt you there check out this out:

A bust of His Holiness Michael Jackson himself.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I guess this week it's New York Kids are Ridiculous

Yep, let's call a spade a spade. It's ridiculous kids week at NYiR. Here's a great article about kids landing your planes at JFK. Apparently employees at the Kennedy Airport air-traffic control tower are now under federal investigation for allowing some kid on spring break to give directions to pilots. Geez kid, was Daytona closed?

In other news, I clearly don't know where kids go for spring break these days.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More gang warefare in Brooklyn: Strollers v. Hipsters

Just a month ago we reported on the Hipster v. Hebrew warfare taking place in Williamsburg.

CNN has just broke the story on the latest brewhaha - Hipster v. Strollers in Park Slope. According to their correspondents:

Single hipsters and others without (and sometimes with) kids complain about being asked to watch their language, to not smoke outdoors near strollers and to keep their drunk friends under control so as not to scare the little ones. They don't want to feel pressure to play peekaboo. They want to cry over their beers, they say, without having an infant drown them out. If anyone is spitting up, they want it to be them.

The gang warfare supposedly ignited about two years ago when our beloved Union Hall, a popular stomping ground, banned strollers from the premises. Apparently a team of babies beat a group of NYU students wearing skinny jeans in the championship bocce game and isht went down. Union Hall has since rescinded the no-stroller policy but the war rages on.

Thank you CNN, for covering this important story. I hear there is something going on in Chile and something else happened in Haiti recently but this is really the news that is fit to print.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because Times Square wasn't scary enough

Gazillions of tourists come to New York City each year. The lines are too long for the boat that takes you to see Lady Liberty and museums are BORING after a few hours so the ADHD tourists flock to Times Square. There they can see how expensive Broadway shows are and watch billboards flicker by. And soon enough they will be able to be take home the magic of Sea World while in the belly of the beast of New York.

That's right folks, there's plans afoot for a seven-story aquarium to come to 11 Times Square. As early as September 2011 you will be able to take your out-of-town cousin to be terrified by illegal Obama ads and killer whales who may or may not eat their trainers AT THE SAME TIME. Afterward go see if that prick of a giraffe at Toys R Us will try to talk you into coming to his bday partay at Dave and Busters. All this excitement in just a few blocks. What a city.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

We apologize for being gone oh so long. New York is Ridiculous returns full-speed ahead on Monday. In the meantime go make a snow angel (seriously this blizzard isht is cray-cray)

photo courtesy of look at this fucking hipster

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Dayyyyy

If it's one thing we love over at New York is Ridiculous it's MadLibs. Thanks to Joshua David Stein over at NY Press we have a NYC Valentines Day MadLib for you! Click here to print and enjoy. Happy Valentines Dayyyyy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This guy

Thanks to Oliver for this hot tip. On Gansevoort St between Greenwich and Little W 12th Sts you may find Nathan Stodola doing, well, the above. For more information about this gent check out the Time Out NY interview.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sith'n on Gin and Juice...

...laid back, with my mind on the force and the force on my mind. Have a better caption for Snoop's appearance in Times Square with Lord Vader? Drop it in the comments (drop it like it's Hoth, drop it like it's Hoth).

That's right! It's our second caption this contest! The grand winner gets 10 $10 coupons to a variety of restaurants in Manhattan. Do your math - that's a $1000 value. Enter today.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not dieing listed as number one cause of longer life expectancy in NYC

According to the New York Daily News we New Yorkers have the highest life expectancy in recorded history. More so than any other city. Really.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley thinks it's because of "the improvement of a few behaviors and conditions that have a big impact on health problems, particularly smoking, HIV/AIDS reduction and reductions in injuries." Wait, less cancer, disease and falling down IMPROVES health? Whoa. No wonder he's Health Commissioner.

The average life expectancy for women is now 82 years, and for men, it's 76.3 years. The leading cause of death for people between the age of 15 and 34 continues to remain (da da dummmm)...homicide.

Besides longing to see what will happen next on the Jersey Shore and New York is Ridiculous I can't imagine why any of us are living longer. Can you?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanna see a hardcore rap battle? Don't come here

Tonight, for one night only, the Filmore New York at Irving Plaza will host a hip-hop karaoke championship. Do you like to rap? Do you like to perform karaoke? If you answered yes to both of these questions avoid the Filmore tonight.

This particular event is for spectators only. Apparently karaoke rap battles have been happening in the toughest boroughs of NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and the hardest of the hard have triumphed and now will face off in a "regional battle reminiscent of rap's old days."

These hardcore rappers will have the lyrics scrolled in front of them on a big screen while they are cheered on with hired entourages and even a "hype man." I'm about 90% sure this is what it will look like:

I highly recommend checking this championship battle out. Highly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hugging a tree has become a lot more comfortable than when I was a youth

Thank you to Kat Johnson for tipping us off to this video illustrating a new tree sweater epidemic in Brooklyn. What is up with these things? Did some misguided tree-hugger get tired of feeling cold bark on their cheek?

Excellent find Becky Kanis. So excellent that we'll forgive you the non sequitur about putting an end to Hoom Leshnesh (whoever he is).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama hates jackets, loves it when you pick up a six pack last minute for the party

The president of Weatherproof decided to take the image of the president of the United States of America and put it on display in Times Square. According to the Huffington Post who heard it from Associated Press who heard it from Sally after gym class Weatherproof saw this pic of Obama in AP and thought it would be totally rad if he modeled for them. So they took the pic and put it on a billboard. Then Obama had to say, "Uhm. Not cool guys." Since he's the pres they have two weeks to remove it. So enjoy it while it lasts NYC.

Meanwhile, some smaller companies seem to coast by while using Obama's likeness. Take this lil deli in Fort Greene for example (thanks to Shante Smalls for the picture).

top photo courtesy of USA Today

Monday, January 25, 2010

I can only imagine a Romeo and Jewliet coming out of this...

Gang warfare gets ugly in Williamsburg

There seems to be a long-running dispute between the hipsters and the Hebrews that share the lovely neighborhood of Williamsburg. While we normally make a fair amount of fun of both groups on this blog this time it's over something serious: bike lanes.

From Pete's Candy Store: Just before Christmas, 2009, a war broke out on the bike lanes of Williamburg. On one side: the Hassidic Jewish community of the Southside, who had advocated--successfully--for Mayor Bloomberg to remove the Bedford Ave Bike lane. Their ostensible reason: Too much rolling flesh on display from the biker community. On the other side: A coalition of bikesters, whose defiance led them to re-paint the bike lanes, and threaten a topless ride in protest (it was snowed out in the blizzard of '09).

So here we have the Hasidic neighborhood being all like, "Those capri pants offend me! Get that boy off that bike!" while the hipsters are all like, "Call us bikesters. Trust fund. Cocaine. Indie rock." That round went to the law in this land and Bloomberg came down on the side of the YOGs. Then the hipsters were like, "Let's show them how gross we are! Yeah civil liberties and bike-riding! In your face THE MAN!" That quickly became, "It's cold out so let's do coke by the fire."

According to Gothamist two hipsters waited until a nice temperate evening before committing mild civil disobedience by repainting some of the bike lanes. They then got chilly and proceeded to turn themselves in. Pete's Candy Store is hosting an "Open City Dialogue" to try to moderate these two parties before there are any more citizens lost to, and I quote, "criminal mischief charges." The horror! At least it's a cause worth dying fighting talking for.

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's coming...

Begun in 1992, Restaurant Week has become a New York City institution. Over 260 restaurants throughout the five boroughs will offer special prix-fixe menus next week. Three-course lunches will go for $24.07 (don't ask me why the seven cents) and dinners for $35. I know, you New Yorkers already knew most of this and you non-New Yorkers hate when I rub this sort of thing in but consider this your reminder to book a reservation or move to the city. One of the two. Your choice. Click the link for a full list of participating restaurants.

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