Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Hollywood, We stole your celebrities. Sincerely, Broadway

While many of us have felt the effects of the economic crash no one has been hit quite as hard as celebrity map vendors in Hollywood. Why? Because every single f-ing celebrity is on Broadway right now. Remember hearing something about Jude Law starring as Hamlet? Yeah, that was like feeling the first drop of rain in a storm. Get out your umbrellas New Yorkers because here's a quick list of people roaming Times Square after dark:

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are in a two man show a la Brokeback Mountain but with Wolverine and 007
Sienna Miller (because she can't quit her JLaw)
James Gandolfini (as a Wild Thing)
Susan Sarandon
Katie Holmes (she doesn't know she's acting and not in a lab somewhere)
Will Ferrell
Christopher Walkin (catch him after a show and he will recreate the entire Weapon of Choice video)
Lucy Liu
Angela Lansbury
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Vanessa Williams (yes she still exists)
Alicia Silverstone
Aaron Tveit (Tripp Van der Bilt from Gossip Girl, hello?)

We're sorry Hollywood, but all your celebrities are ours now. The only downside is that this means I will never get a turn playing Mary Poppins.

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