Friday, May 15, 2009

Gossip Girl

Ok I will admit it did not take much coaxing from my girlfriend to start watching this show. The ridiculous thing about it though is that while it's all nice and good to enjoy seeing teenagers get drunk and sleep around and stab each other in the back (VANESSA) the real joy comes from the fact that the whole thing takes place on the Upper East Side.

These rich teens hang out at The Box and go to Socialista and have lunch on the steps of the Metropolitan. So that's fun. Because I do those things too.

And get this: the real life cast members do those things as well. Talk about art imitating life imitating silly television shows imitating me! This means I (and other people I know) have run into the cast a trabillion times.

Never the right ones at the right time though. I think the only one I really wanna meet is Leighton Mouseters. No relation to this douchebag. That would be more like art imitating lameness incarnate imitating this dog. Or this one (j/k V! call u l8r).

Here's some do's and don't's for all you romantics out there, learned from the show.


  1. OMG! I totally watch Gossip Girl. I subscribe to it on iTunes and then I only let myself watch episodes when I go to the gym. This ensures that I go to the gym and also try to stay on the equipment longer so I can look hot and thin like the twenty-year-olds playing teenagers trying to look like twenty-year-olds like me.

    Anyway, you and your kin should stop apologizing for watching this show. It's fucking amazing and if you feel the need to apologize for watching it, then you are clearly hanging out with snobs who carry NPR totes and listen to Interdependence Project podcasts and wipe their asses with recycled toiletpaper. Get new friends, buddy. It's an amazing show.



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