Monday, May 18, 2009

Goddamn hipsters

This hipster made my blog cry. Not me, my blog. And it is made of magic and computer parts I think. The fact that it can cry and me, who is 6590% water, did not is surprising and is probably only because I'm also laughing. And everyone knows the only guy who previously ever was caught doing both was this jerk. That baby is the perfect precursor for a very long rant about how one-year-olds suck at life. Deep breath. Not now. Soon.

Anyway this picture came from look at this fucking hipster which is a very very funny site and will now be added to the ridiculous links section of this site. The caption for the photo featured above was, "The reason I love New York is because it’s the only place where a white person like me can dress this way and not get his ass beat." Very true.

I think all of the pics on this site are from NYC so consider yourself saluted lookatthisfuckinghipster: you are doing your city proud. And I hope your name is KiCCC. Or that you like sock porn.

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  1. Another fantastic site for all you hipster lovers.



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