Friday, May 29, 2009

Joe Pera: the first recipient of the G&S award

Spotted in the Union Square subway stop: Joe Pera, hero amongst men. Not only is this the first of many subway artists to be featured on this blog but Joe will also go down in New York fanblogging history as the first ever recipient of the Gentleman & Socialite award. Yeah, this blog does awards now. And yeah, I'm sorry Spaghetti Cat but this time it's going to Joe.

Who is this incredible individual? Well let's take a closer look seeing how I know your eyes are all bad and stuff.

Seems relatively straight-forward I know. But Joe has the noble spirit of Alexander Hamilton and the comedic timing of Michael Cera. Sounds delightful doesn't it? Sorry, don't click that one if you're short on time. Click this one and see for yourself why Joe deserves this dubious honor. And if you only have 20 more seconds to live just skip ahead 1 min 20 secs into that video.

So Joe, I'm sure you're busy with the whole standing-by-the-L-train-showing-off-the-"It's true I'm wealthy"-book-cover-you-designed-with-your-face-on-it-to-pick-up-the-ladies-thing but if you ever want to come to a party and pick up your award it will be waiting for you.

Yes, 12 loyal readers of this blog, physical G&S awards will be produced and given out. Feel free to send in nominations. If you want to see Joe do his thing check out his upcoming performance.

Spaghetti Cat, I am so sorry I had to tell you about the award this way. I weep for you.


  1. Am I included on the list of loyal readers? Because I am. xoxo, e

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, you are included. You mysterious person of the night who signs their posts with a squeal of delight. "E!" to you too.

  3. I think that it is great that you are given them a little of your space in your blog. It is nice to know more about them and their work.



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