Monday, May 25, 2009

The Box

The Box looks pretty classy right? It is if you define classy as an odd mix of $17 cocktails, burlesque, and cocaine. Which I do. On Gossip Girl it's owned by this guy which automatically makes it cool. But still, The Box is ridiculous! Here is a fun quiz to illustrate:

Which one of these things have I NOT seen at The Box:
A) A transexual picking up a bottle with her ass
B) Two women wearing Bert and Ernie heads making love to one another with a double-sided dildo
C) Ed Westwick

I hope you picked all of the above because that is true. Yes the pretend Box owner visits the real Box and I'm visiting the Box because I pretended to be someone famous in order to drink $17 drinks. Once again, a sign that art imitates life imitating me.

It is a very fun place to go though. The shows are wild and all but if you're in a more intimate mood swing a right at the top of the stairs and you'll find yourself in a curtained room that features your very own stripper pole. Did you know that those poles rotate? That's how all those neat lil tricks get done.

Here's a video from the Box that'll make you either 100% sure that you want to go or want it to close down immediately. My apologies for the bad link before - the previously linked to video was taken down because of "infringement" which probably means it was infringing on people's sensibilities. This one is much more tasteful.


  1. My one night there was one of the better ones I've had in a long time, but that might just be because I don't wear powdered wigs all that often.

  2. Awesome experience, but it's pretty shoking. Vrey crazy, very nice, very liberal.



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