Monday, March 1, 2010

Because Times Square wasn't scary enough

Gazillions of tourists come to New York City each year. The lines are too long for the boat that takes you to see Lady Liberty and museums are BORING after a few hours so the ADHD tourists flock to Times Square. There they can see how expensive Broadway shows are and watch billboards flicker by. And soon enough they will be able to be take home the magic of Sea World while in the belly of the beast of New York.

That's right folks, there's plans afoot for a seven-story aquarium to come to 11 Times Square. As early as September 2011 you will be able to take your out-of-town cousin to be terrified by illegal Obama ads and killer whales who may or may not eat their trainers AT THE SAME TIME. Afterward go see if that prick of a giraffe at Toys R Us will try to talk you into coming to his bday partay at Dave and Busters. All this excitement in just a few blocks. What a city.

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