Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Bulletin

You missed these didn't you? Here's what's what this weekend:

It's ASIA WEEK in the city. You didn't know that did you? God, you can be so culturally insensitive sometimes. J/k. How would you know? It's the first annual Asia Week New York, a collaboration between 294723098 museums that focus on Asian art and culture. Even if you're hungover and can't walk further than your local bagel place this weekend you'll probably still be able to catch an event or showing on the way; they're everywhere. Click the link for more deets.

Not in the mood for Chinese? How about the new Gossip Girl tour? On this three and a half hour tour of the Upper East Side you can "get spotted" at the kids' high school, shop at Henri Bendel, and (I love this part) sit on the steps of the Met JUST LIKE THEY DO ON THE SHOW! Meet at noon at 51st St and Madison Ave and experience the magic that is a mundane Upper East Side lifestyle.

At night I'd recommend checking out Annie's Shakespeare Showdown because A) when was the last time you went to a Shakespearian coming out party and B) I dated Annie for two months sophomore year of high school (true story). There's live music, burlesque dancers, drinks, and the actors are wandering around schmoozing with you so you can drunkenly hit on Romeo just like your English teacher would've wanted you to. (at China One, 8-10 pm each night this weekend)

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