Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sexy times at the Standard Hotel

Remember when we gave you that enlightening piece about the High line and how all these people now have to put up curtains so tourists don't catch them making the beast with two backs? Well apparently the Standard Hotel, which straddles the High line, has up until now invited people to make the beast with nine, twelve, or however many backs you can fit into a non-smoking double.

Previously the hotel ran ads inviting guests to stay there while it was still under construction. The ads read, “We’ll put up with your banging if you put up with ours.” Soon enough neighbors began to comment that they saw all sorts of shenanigans in the big open windows. “Lights, leather, chains. Everything," said the owner of a meat co-op (ironic much?).

One guest apparently was turned down when they sauntered up to the front desk and said something akin to, "How much for an orgy?" The man at the front desk must have been new because he said that a maximum of three guests are allowed to stay in a room. Don't worry though, the hotel won't be reneging on it's rep as the go-to sex haven. A hotel rep said, "Whoa! There must have been a misunderstanding. We'll investigate further."

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