Friday, August 21, 2009


Are you a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, wear hemp sandals, feed your child only organic veggies, breastfeed at the Tea Lounge and are mean to me/everyone? Chances are you are a Park Slope mom.

As a Park Slope resident (what what!) I've gotten used to not being able to leave my house between 2 - 4 pm as schools get out and these mothers roam the streets like zombies weighed down by whiny balls of Osh Kosh B'gosh. I live above a restaurant so I'm okay with having to step around strollers parked directly in front of my door every morning even though they could be parked next to the table and not in my way where I will purposefully kick them. I'm fine with waiting while order after order gets sent back at the local Starbucks because low fat milk was put in coffee instead of no fat (HOW DO YOU KNOW? HOW!?!?). Yet despite my immeasurable patience these women still grind my gears.

Why you may ask? Check out this story where a Park Slope mom is all like, "My kid is a brat and wants ice cream and I'm a bitch and won't give it to her so I think the best solution is for ice cream trucks to no longer exist."

Not enough for you? Then how about this one where a Park Slope mom is all "your dog weighs ten pounds and shits butterflies but I'm sure he will rip my child's face off as soon as it sees a swing set."

Is nothing sacred anymore Park Slope moms? That's it. Time for another acronym. You are stupid and annoying and you exhaust me Park Slope moms. That is why from henceforth you will be known as Stupid Annoying Park Slope Bitches Creating Really Annoying Zany Young'ins (S.A.P.S. B. C.R.A.Z.Y.). That's too long. I will just call you SloBitches. That almost sounds Jewish. Like you.

For further coverage on this important issue please visit our new friend We salute you fellow bloggity-blog! So much so that you have now joined the ranks of blogs we love to the right. We look forward to referencing you alllll the time in the future.


  1. Wow. 0 comments for an anti-semitic, sexist rant against women? Could it be that others (are there others?) read this kind of crap and think of your own mother from which, I might remind you, you sprang, and feel bad for her and what a loser her son turned out to be and so decide not to honor his sad, sad blog with a moment of their time in commenting? What a shocker. I now see that you are a sad, angry man who is threatened by babies in strollers, and I can't see spending any more time inside your tiny head.

  2. Must agree with the comment above; this post is shameful. I was browsing around the site for the first time, enjoying the snark. You even had me giggling in this article... until I clicked the link about ice cream trucks and realized you took that story out of context. And then, in one fell swoop you revealed yourself to be anti-Semitic, sexist and just plain obnoxious. Think about your audience next time you write something so hateful.
    -A Jewish Woman



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