Monday, August 24, 2009

Go play strip poker in the park

In 1920 women were finally granted the same right as men to vote. A few year later (1992) New York went one step further. They said, "Hey, look at all these dudes walking around topless all gross and stuff. That's just not fair!" Thus the New-York-women-can-be-topless-too law came to pass.

I know, you don't believe me. But here you go. Oops. I meant here you go. Proof that not only can you go topless in the great city of New York but you can also sue people who tell you not to go topless in the great city of New York. What a city.

So ladieeeeeez, if you're feeling hot/litigious and want to make some extra cash why not go play strip poker at Central Park? Why not practice pole dancing on the subway? Why not become an erotic magician for children's birthday parties? Worst case scenario is that you go to jail for a few hours and make several thousand dollars.

On a slightly more serious note the photo above belongs to the artist Jordan Matter who shot an excellent collection of women going topless in New York City. You can preview it here.

On a less serious note we should warn you party-crazy types that while it's cool to go topless in the city it's still illegal for your donkey to fall asleep in your bathtub in Brooklyn. So if your donkey suffers from narcolepsy best to take it out only in Manhattan. Real laws. Really. Google it if ya don't believe us.

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