Friday, July 17, 2009

Hipster or Homeless (.com?)

According to the NY Daily News the hipsters are invading Williamsburg! Oh, wait. The homeless? Is it homeless people? But I thought they were uber-thin, wore vintage outfits and did heroin? Oh. The homeless can do that too?

Well this is going to be confusing! One homeless gentleman said, "The girls here like it that I'm dirty and I ride trains." I bet they do! In fact I bet Williamsburg is becoming heaven for homeless men in their twenties.

All of this makes me recall our post of old about Maybe it's time we had a Those two blogs would end up going to war with each other over who gets to use which pic. (and yes I know that there is a lame version of but it's lame and has lame pictures that are neither hipster or homeless and clearly no one is taking that isht too seriously)

For anyone who is still confused about the difference between a homeless person and a hipster here is an educational video for you.

photo courtesy of NY Daily News


  1. Sounds like a mess in Williamsburg, especially those that think it's cool to start a trend of Homeless Hipsters.

  2. Being homeless is not a hipster sort of thing it is a tragic sort of thing.



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