Friday, July 3, 2009

NYiR gets historical

This July 4th New York is Ridiculous declares that drastic measures be taken to facilitate our pursuit of freedom. What are we talking about? Change. A departure from your same old boring Saturday, a departure from reality, an opportunity to make a difference, to make your mark on this world and show your love for New York and your country. We're talking about a pub crawl. A time honored tradition in which one visits numerous establishments where the beer flows like wine and the antics are made legend.

In order to help you with the aforementioned activity we have noted a number of NYC establishments that seem near and dear to our historical holiday. So fellow citizens, don your tricorn hat and this July 4th let’s save America, New York City first. We'll see you there.

Your fellow patriots,


Pete's Tavern: established in 1864 this is New York's oldest continuously run bar having served as a meeting place for politicians during the Prohibition.

Old Town Bar: Opened in 1892 this bar was a protected speakeasy during the Prohibition. Gentlemen: check out their giant urinals, constructed in 1910.

After leaving wave at Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace and walk by Cooper Union (most widely known for Honest Abe's Cooper Union Address against slavery) to find McSorley's Old Ale House. McSorley's was a "Men's Only" bar established in 1854 and welcomed such regulars as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and John Lennon. It now allows women, for better or worse.

To round out your pub crawlery we recommend our old favorite, Blue & Gold tavern. We hope you have a lovely July 4th and for you lazy louts please note that the total distance traveled throughout the day was a mere 1 mile. Enjoy and remember: friends don't let friends play with sparklers.

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