Friday, July 10, 2009

NYU girls make art via deadly dating games

Special thanks to our guest blogger David Perrin for this expose on dating habits and art in Greenwich Village:

Warning: do not read on if you like looking at college girls/art

The other day I was shocked and offended while eavesdropping on an NYU girl's cellphone conversation. I learned that summer-school teens have unleashed their wiles on unsuspecting twenty and thirty-something men all over lower Manhattan leading to sexual bloodshed and mayhem.

These girls lure unsuspecting guys past NYU Security and to their rooms where they get naked. As the guy nervously struggles out of his Calvins they stab him, flay his dermis and mount him. Meaning they spike his head on a stick.
The heads are then displayed on Broadway for the entire NYU community to enjoy. Whoever gets the most head by the end of the semester wins.
Many you will be upset to look at this picture directly above. Yes, that is Ian on the floor, and Lodro lying next two him. Their two heads rolled on the same night. Except they didn't even get sticked. The girls found their intestines more interesting. I don't know who the other guy is. Does anybody recognize him?

See the mayhem/art yourself on Broadway and E. 10th St.

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