Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating two months of glory

Wow. Has it really been two whole months of New York is Ridiculous? It's about time we review some of the best and worst posts and update you on how things have ended up:

The Box has begun having summer Wednesdays where they put a layer of sand over their entire club for one night a week. That seems ridiculous right? We will let you know what that's like.

Meanwhile we discovered in our favorite local haunt Blue & Gold a picture from Fleet Weeks of old that we had to share:That sailor sure does look happy to be swinging with his doxie! Speaking of hot dance moves that are making a come back I think we can all agree that this is indeed the summer of Michael Jackson which means that as predicted the moonwalk is the official summer dance. Raise your hand if you've seen it so much that you've automatically learned it. Anyone else? Just me? Ok. Still the official summer dance though.

Here's some other fun summer things to do if you can't lift up one knee while moving the other leg backwards in a smooth motion: Joe Pera is BLOWING UP! It's probably because of the honor done to him by this blog but he's got three (3!) shows coming up.

One is called Skits n Tits and also has burlesque and a free PBR bar (July 8th), another two days later involves roosters or cock fights or something and the last is on the 13th at Teneleven Bar and is called "The Name Doesn't Matter Comedy Show." He promises if you don't like the show that he'll take you out for ice cream sundays after. Win mother-f-ing win. And a big shout out to Joe's parents who aren't a fan of the internet but will probably still send his post to his Nana. Who will try to magnet her computer to her fridge so everyone can see it. I love Nanas.

Last but not least we have discovered where all the real-life superheroes get their gear - the Superhero Supply Store. Yes. This place exists. Look:
Not only can you get outfitted (see pic at the top of this post) but you can also pick up your X-ray spray, your portable force-field, and all sorts of great power-inducing formulas:
I myself bought the shape-shifting formula for only $7.50 and look SO MUCH COOLER now.

I hope you've enjoyed the last two months of this blog almost as much as we have. If so, consider making a formal commitment and become a fan of us on facebook, subscribe (to the right) or better yet tell a few friends. Yeah. Do that last one. Let's share the joy and laughter that is New York is Ridiculous for a long long time to come. Maybe even two more months.

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