Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Tributes

It is indeed a time for the great city of New York to mourn. First off who doesn't love Farrah Fawcett? Bachelor number two does. He wants to make love the national past-time! And then there is the death of Michael Jackson. Oh MJ. Oh oh oh MJ. This is indeed a national tragedy.

However, Michael Jackson lives on in New York City. For one, beginning yesterday at 4:00 PM you couldn't walk down the street without some car blaring "Billie Jean." Also, if you gather a large enough crowd and attempt to invoke him he will come to you, take over your body, and make you dance. As is witnessed at the gathering outside the Apollo last night (1:20 into the video above).

Last but not least, while the Flying Man may have been the big hit of last summer NYiR predicts that in 2009 the summer dance will be..........the moonwalk. Yes, it is coming back. You will see it at all the clubs and your friend will turn to you and you will catch his eye and shake your head and he will say "It was too soon" and you will both think "Well, maybe before all those pedophile rumors would have been better" and then you will respond, "Yeah. Too too soon."

Goodbye MJ. New York loves you.

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