Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Island

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Big news: Long Island finally wants to succeed at something. Wait, what's that? Oh, they want to secede. Well, that's big news too.

Now I have to admit as a newbie in New York City I haven't entirely pieced together what Long Island is. I think part of it exists at Libation, part of it exists in Italian men in a super tight v-necks, and the rests exists in a land of ridicule created by New Yorkers. Is that right? According to the video above though they seem to be the dicks of NYC and want to beat up New Jersey or Ireland, whichever is closer.

I don't have many Italian man friends in super tight v-necks so in order to explore Long Island I went to Libation one night with my friend Ian (hi Ian! thanks for taking care of my dog!). We met some young ladies who admitted to being "bridge and tunnel" girls. At first I thought that was a sexual thing but since they were all 24 and married I assumed it refers to their eating habits or something.

I'll leave you with a koan: why is Long Island undesirable to live in yet a desirable location to vacation? Someone has to explain that to me. I just don't get you Long Island. Good luck on secession, assuming you exist.


  1. It's actually a really upper class part of New York... There's some parts like Brentwood and Farmingville which aren't the best, but out east and on the shores are where you can find the most stuck up girls who will put out for anything.

    PS: The men in v-necks are called guidos if they have their hair spiked. (white cars are optional)

  2. www.getoffourisland.com

    thats how we take care of those guidos.

  3. Upper class my ass! There's a few nice spots but most of it is various trash and Dago's. They should build a fence around this place.



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