Monday, June 29, 2009

Union Hall Bocce League

As you can see above the authors of this blog (Ian and Lodro) take bocce ball at Union Hall very seriously. Seriously for us though means that it holds our attention for twenty minutes and then we get distracted and go to Chuck E. Cheese or something equally catering to our ADHD dynamic. However, the bocce ball league games get pretty intense at Union Hall and some people take it seriously for real.

Once a week we all gather and throw our blue balls near the white ball and get points and high five one another and pretend that we are participating in a real sports league. We sometimes even get out the tape measure in order to see whose ball is closest to what. Does that sound vaguely sexual? I can't even tell anymore. Because as co-team captain of LETHAL ELEGANCE (don't like the name? then suggest something) I have to take this game as seriously as is expected of me. Here, look:

No, not at the pretty girl (hi Lora! thanks for being a cover for this totally covert picture!). Look at the referee. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when your bocce team perseveres for countless drunken battles and you claw your way into the finals you get a real live referee to complain to when the obnoxious tape measuring of your balls is not enough. I wouldn't know since we came in last place in the league last year but this year we will triumph and I will get in this guy's face and scream and kick the green dusty make up of the court and wave my hands in the air. Like Bo from this We Like Sportz rip-off. Speaking thereof who's in for a Monday night game? I think we need a fourth.

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  1. I love this bocce league. We are trying to get one going at parks once the weather changes. Check it out!



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