Monday, June 8, 2009


My friend Jerry (hi Jerry!) took me to this really great spot in Chelsea last week called Barracuda. You wouldn't know it's called that because there's no sign anywhere but somehow all these fellows seemed to find it.

It's interesting - it doesn't say it's a gentlemen's establishment but its primary populace is definitely well-dressed men! They are all so chummy here it makes you feel right at home. Guys are buying other guys drinks, holding each other's hands, dancing with each other...everyone is having such a nice time it just makes you feel so...happy!

The decor is great. It's all like:

I mean that just screams "men being men" doesn't it? So there we were sipping some margaritas and then out of nowhere comes Britney Houston!!!!!!!!!!1 Sorry I was so excited I let go of the shift key too soon. Anyway Britney is pictured above with her male admirers. In fact, all the fellas in the place got very excited when this woman got on stage. Sure her face is a bit unconventional for a lady, she doesn't really have women's hips, and she somehow has an adams apple but boy can this young lady dance and lipsync to Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga.

So gentlemen if you are looking for a good time and want to meet other guys who will be super friendly to you then come to Barracuda. Drinks are good, the entertainment's excellent, and the only downside is some silly rule that you can't go the restroom with your friends.

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