Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farrell's Bar & Grill

As the great sage peter d said of Farrell's, "This is not a first date bar. You're better off going with the crowd of mouth-breathing cretins you call friends." A fine way to think of the local cops and firemen that frequent this establishment peter d! Cheese whiz, have some respect. Speaking of respect is the term firemen sexist these days? Should I say firepeople? I will just call them stewardesses.

Farrell's is best known for its 32 ounce styrofoam cups filled with Budweiser (pictured above, clearly as big as my friends' faces). You can obtain such a cup yourself for $5. If you are a math genius or just clicked the link posted before then you will realize that after $20 and four rounds you will have drank a gallon of beer. A gallon! Can't finish that last cup? Ask them to put a lid on it and take it to go. Gotta love take out in New York City.

Farrell's is also known for its total lack of female patrons. It was a male only bar until the 1970s but this woman put the kibosh on that. Still, I think good old Shirley was the last woman in this place.

If you love drinking copious amounts of beer while feeling restrained because there's cops everywhere and hate looking at women then go to Farrell's Bar & Grill. Just don't ask for a food menu. Despite their name they don't serve food. Really.


  1. Go back to the Midwest........ Thanks

  2. It is firefighter, Mr. Jizzrag, I dare you to call one of 'em a stewardess, they'll wipe the floor with you and send you back to Ohio with a fire boot up your skinny ass.



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