Monday, July 27, 2009

Models eat at Delicatessen, get foot rubs. I eat at delicatessen, get Tings.

Thank you New York Post for this most revealing documentary about the model lounge at Delicatessen, a trendy hot spot for people who are confused about where to get a tuna sub in New York City.

Owned by
Mark Amadei and Andrew Glassberg, the same duo who started Cafeteria (notice a trend? SO TRENDY!) Delicatessen is not a space where you can get a tuna sub. Instead you can purchase grilled mahi mahi and wash it down with a cucumber martini so it's basically the same thing though.

My friend worked here so and at one point I went downstairs to look for her. I had no idea it was a model lounge. I wasn't stopped or anything. However, it just seemed like another bar with whiny ugly girls so I got fed up and left.

So thank you Delicatessen for your public service. You are an upstanding establishment and, on behalf of all coffee drinkers everywhere, thank you for getting the models out of Starbucks.

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