Thursday, May 20, 2010

For you LOST fans out there...

We all know the bad news: the beloved TV show LOST ends next week. After the series finale five million fans will exclaim, "THAT'S IT? THAT'S IT?!?" and go on a Frankensteinesque rampage through our cities, ending civilization as we know it.

Before that happens you might be interested in checking out the Vilcek Foundation's LOST exhibit. It opens today and celebrates the artists and filmmakers behind LOST. The primary focus seems to be the images and biographies of 20 immigrant and first-generation contributors to the hit television show, including Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, writer Melinda Hsu Taylor, actor Jorge Garcia (Hurley), and cinematographer John Bartley.

Yeah. I know. All five seasons I've been wondering what made Melinda Hsu Taylor tick too. In my opinion, the real draw of the exhibit is the abundance of original props from the show. For a preview of what they're featuring check out this short video. The Vilcek Foundation is located at 167 East 73rd St.

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