Friday, April 9, 2010

NYC Prep, Gossip Girl, and 50 cent....Oh My!

It had to happen. At some point someone would have to notice all of the successful Upper East Side teenager-does-drugs-and-has-sex TV shows and say, "I know. I'll be the 43975304976 person to do a movie about that." The movie, Twelve, received horrible reviews at Sundance and may not see much success but we had to bring you this trailer.

Why? Because it was not enough to just reference Upper East Side shows like Gossip Girl and NYC Prep, they had to deliberately pluck the stars from those shows to fill their cast. Check out Chace Crawford (Nate on GG) being moody or just zoom ahead to the 1:18 marker to watch PC from NYC Prep cum in his pants. What a way to break into the entertainment industry.

In our opinion it would be a simple editing fix to make this movie a great success: just switch in Chace selling his body to 50 Cent for drugs instead of that Blair Waldorf rip-off. Ta-daa. Instant millions.

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