Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boy are we thankful

Zelda the turkey chillaxin' in Battery Park. Photo courtesy of

What are we thankful for? Let's take a look down Memory Lane...

Our favorite Chinatown delight: turtles

Our favorite bar, featuring super cheap top shelf scotch: Blue & Gold

Our favorite place for an over-priced cocktail: The Box

Our new favorite cigar lounge

Our favorite New York City based TV shows: 30 Rock, NYC Prep and Gossip Girl

Our Jewish brethren and sisteren

Our favorite bagel place, La Bagel Delight, without whom our office would starve

Our favorite dessert to wash down our bagels: cannolis at Veniero's and cupcakes from Magnolia Cupcakes

Our favorite Sunday afternoon activity: The Met

Our favorite after work activity: bocce at Union Hall

and of course, the freak at Coney Island

We're also thankful for you, dear reader, and continue to court guest posts. E-mail us if you want to blog or have a hot tip for us!

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