Friday, November 6, 2009

Just don't call me a doodle dandy. Because I don't know what that is

Ok so we're not big sports fans here at New York is Ridiculous but it's hard to ignore the 4293457328097 people who are, or at least are when the Yankees win the World Series. Because they line the streets like whoa.

From Yahoo:
Commerce has pretty much shut down in Lower Manhattan today. Hundreds of thousands of members of the work force are showering ticker tape and toilet paper from their high-rise office windows all over the Yankees as the World Series champions and their families inch up Broadway from the U.S. Customs House on Battery Place to City Hall Park.

That's right! Let's throw toilet paper at people. But in a good way. Because we don't remember anything about all that juicing stuff that was in the news right? Honestly, some of us here at NYiR own juicers and can attest that homemade juices are delicious. I'm not sure why people are normally so down on the Yankees for that sort of thing but we're glad they're showing some love today. We love you Yanks!

For live coverage of the Yankee Parade click here.
photo courtesy of Ruby Washington for The New York Times

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