Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who Shot Rock and Roll? Probs these kids

We must make a sudden departure from our The Met is Ridiculous series due to the really neato exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. New York is Ridiculous attended the opening primarily to hear their surprise act, BLONDIE (I know, right? Yes, yes, they still rock even though they're in their fifties). The real surprise of the night was just how good the photo exhibit was. From their website:

The exhibition is in six sections: rare and revealing images taken behind the scenes; tender snapshots of young musicians at the beginnings of their careers; exhilarating photographs of live performances that display the energy, passion, style, and sex appeal of the band on stage; powerful images of the crowds and fans that are often evocative of historic paintings; portraits revealing the soul and creativity, rather than the surface and celebrity, of the musicians; and conceptual images and album covers highlighting the collaborative efforts between the image makers and the musicians.

The magic comes from just how intimate these photographers were with their subjects. You can see Kurt Cobain in tears slumped backstage after a particularly emotional set, Jay Z and P. Diddy texting side by side, or Buddy Holly just spacing out on his bus after a show. You really ought to go see this show. The suggested contribution is $10 (take THAT Met).

NYiR recommends you go to Rock Out on November 7th. On the early side there's some indie rock groups from the 'hood, a meet and greet with the curator, a showing of Purple Rain and then after 9 pm DJ Evil Dee will spin a bunch of the artists who's photos are being shown including Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Chuck Berry, and Jay-Z.

photo by Barry Feinstein (American, born 1931). Bob Dylan with Kids, Liverpool, England, 1966 (printed 2009). Gelatin silver print. Courtesy Barry Feinstein

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