Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Snapshot leads to next G &S Award

Spotted rolling through traffic on W. 23rd and 6th Ave at 4:00 pm on a Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, there was no rhyme, no reason for this occurrence. They were not advertising something. They did not ask for money. They wanted nothing other than to ride that bike and dance on that pole.
This dynamic duo embodies the ridiculous spirit of New York City. As such NYiR is proud to make this anonymous duo the second recipients of our Gentleman and Socialite Award. Congratulations!

If anyone knows who these people are please forward this to them - we want to give them our G&S trophy. And book them for our Halloween bash.


  1. We know exactly who that is: Andrew Katzander's Pole Rider pedicab. Here you go:

  2. Thanks Gemini and Scorpio! We're gonna get them their prize right now

  3. Thanks Gemini and Scorpio for the referral and thaks NYiR for the G&S Award! We have a blog where we post pictures of our rides and events if you want to check it out.



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