Friday, October 2, 2009


Are you crying right now? I am. Poor Dumbo. No one could ruin the heart-break and charm of this classic Disney movie. Except New York City realtors.

Yes those devil-worshiping leeches were trying to gentrify a perfectly good neighborhood known as Fulton Landing for a long long time and in 1978 New Yorkers caught on. In an effort to deter developers they started referring to their neighborhood as Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (D.U.M.B.O.). So there developers and real estate agents! Try to sell this neighborhood to anyone but bridge trolls!

Wait, what's that? You aren't deterred at all? And you made the neighborhood look like a mini financial district? Because bridge trolls run Wall St? Drats.

Apparently Jerry Seinfeld has said that the real name of the 'hood is "Down Under Manhattan Bridge" but that the locals added the "O" so that they wouldn't be living in "DUMB." Well I'm sorry Fulton Landing residents, it is dumb. I'm gonna go start a petition to get you your old name back. Not because of you, but because it's what Dumbo would have wanted.
It's because of stuff like this that Peter Pan left New York City.

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