Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yeah, this is normal

A while back New York is Ridiculous posted a ground-breaking story about a flying fish subway art piece. To prove that the subway system is curated by one-year-olds I'd like to point out this totally normal scene that you would find any day on Christopher St.

Here we have a pimp with two Amish prostitutes (three if you count the pidgeon) and a brothel owner that specializes in trolls.

This mural is one of three featured at the Christopher St. subway stop entitled "The Greenwich Village murals." The artist, Lee Brozgol, led students at PS 41 in making this mural which apparently is about "Providers." So, in other words some androgynously named Lee thought it was a good idea to force kids to depict pimps lording over their peers and call it art. Thanks Lee Brozgol for teaching the kids of New York City that pimps can still bring home the bacon, so long as these kids keep selling themselves into their service.

To read a more biased yet official position on these murals click here.

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