Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes, I get it yellow taxi. You're flaming.

Wow. Thanks to Andrew Sneider at for this exclusive footage of a taxi cab exploding into flames in Midtown. Our good friend Ming works down the hall from Andrew and told us alllll about it.

Apparently the driver of this cab got out and went for a walk to clear his head, feed the pigeons, whatevs. Just casually strolled off. The thing is the hood of the cab was already smoking. The best part? He parked right in front of this fancy restaurant with outdoor seating. All these people enjoying their $17 BLTs got front row seats as sparks then flames shot out from under the hood. Meanwhile tour buses are going by, other cabs are taking fares, no one thinks twice about this exploding vehicle. Except for Ming and Andrew's co-worker who provides this sage wisdom: " I would never want my house to be on fire." Really? Never? Never ever? Don't knock it 'till you try it sister.

Finally the firemen show up and it's over in 2 secs. Or, as my girlfriend's friend would say, a HOT MINUTE.

This is why I would never live/hang out in Midtown. This and those finance douches who do live/hang out there.

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