Monday, September 7, 2009

I just want regular ice cream New York. Please, no more fro yo.

According to the scientists over at Google there are 2,080,000 frozen yogurt stores in New York City. Regular ice cream stores? 12.

I'm sure there's ice cream stores around it's just that with the eighteen fro yo places within one mile of my apartment (fo real) they seem to get lost in the crowd. In fact, every other store in da hood seems to get lost in the midst of the brightly colored Pinkberry, Yogomonster, Tasti D Lite, Red Mango, Yogurtland, Berrywild, Yoberry, Yorganic, Yogurt Mania, Village Yogurt and Yogonna Eat Dat? around. Ok, that last one we made up but if we didn't tell you ya woulda believed it.

Here's my problem with you frozen yogurt stores: you're delicious. Maybe it's the fact that I was told Tasti D Lite was real ice cream by my mother growing up, maybe it's the fact that there's 35743089574 toppings, but really it's probably because just that it hasn't taken a restraining order out on me. Unlike Lindsay Lohan who also loves fro yo (as showcased above). So thank you fro yo for taking over the city. You are doing a swell job running this place.

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  1. Tasti is not fro yo

  2. isn't it? either way it's delicious.



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