Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Russ and Daughters Deli

Special thanks to our guest blogger David Perrin for covering our first bagel-serving establishment. May there be many more posts on this important topic.

'Russ and Daughters' is not the name of the last porno I watched. But it should be. Located sorta in Loisaida on Houston's street (Lois Aida is actually a really sexy lady - I had a pinup of her in high school) this uberdeli is chock full of smelly stuff to rub on your bagels. I'm a fan of getting schmeared so that's what I get.

But you don't have to be a bialy to have fun with Russ and his daughters. Herring connoisseurs from around the world (mostly the Ukraine) come to sample the curried herring, the swedish matjes, and the scmaltz fillets. I'm getting that funny feeling inside just telling you about it! Look how happy this guy is:

They have dried fruits too. You can get a gift package called 'Kiss from the Sea' - how hot is that! Martha Stewart loves this place, which I'm sorta embarrassed about. But on those days when I'm not feeling manly enough... like I'm Heebin' but I'm not quite Super Heebin' then I head on down to Russ, tell his daughters to jack my Whitefish sandwich with Wasabi Flying Fish Roe and watch out ladies!! BOOM! This Reform Jew is ready to pepper his mackerel and make a blini outta dat ass!!!

For more information about Jews please click here or to learn how to dance at Russ and Daughters click here.

Do YOU have a something ridiculous about New York that you want to post about? OMG lettuce c it!

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  1. OMG: Caviar cream cheese from Russ & Daughters completes Jerry McGuire style completes me.



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