Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Snapshots

If you were anywhere in New York City on Saturday you know that Santa Con was a rousing success. Starting in five locations and converging at different times throughout the city Santas ran amok being lost, calling their ex-girlfriends while drunk, and getting "mad munchies yo" when they drank/smoke too much. Basically all the things the real Santa does.

Then on Sunday you may have been one of the lucky few to catch this random F train. Yes, this is a real-live subway running the tracks of New York City. It first went on the rails in 1931. It has temporarily (?) come out of retirement to take you back to a simpler time when after shave adds included words like "romance" and not random big-busted blonde girls falling into guy's armpits because of their scent (what? we only tried Axe once, we can make fun).

There are gaps in between the cars so you can see the mole people of the tunnels too. Riding this baby feels like a cross between the Tower of Terror ride at Disney and sitting in a movable museum. If you see a green train hop on it.

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