Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Bulletin!

Ok folks. Here's what's up this weekend:

Tonight go to Ellis Bar at 627 5th Ave in BeeKay (Brooklyn) for their 1 cent beers. Yes. 1 penny. I bet you wish you were stingier with the local homeless now huh? Well don't be Scrooge because it only lasts from 9-9:30 and then 11-11:30. Go for the beer, stay for the karaoke.

Made a new year resolution to bring out the inner child in you? Really? You did? Oh. I woulda said, "Clean up around the house more" but whatevs. Anyway, head to the corner of Broad St and Wall St Saturday at 2 pm for a chaos-inducing game of freeze tag.

Then head over to the Gershwin Theater for Michael Alan's Draw-a-thon (the pic from above gives you some insight into what you're drawing). Having hosted these for four years now Michael Alan has decided to kick off 2010 with an "Artistic Revolution" based on the French Revolution where artists such as yourself (come'on you can draw!) show up to sketch models posing as the Virgin, the Aristocrat-Prostitute, the Bather, the Absinthe-Poisoned Mask Maker, the Drunken Rebel-Rouser, the Raffle Girl, and the Nude Visionary. You had me at model. Then lost me at Virgin. Then had me at Prostitute and Nude.

Then on Sunday go ride the subway without any pants. What a perfect weekend!

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