Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Want a great first date idea? Take her to slaughter a pig

The Brooklyn Kitchen has a series of classes coming up. One of them focuses on cooking with a date. No, you don't cook a dessert together. Nope, it's not a nice meal. Give up? On February 6 at 6:00PM you and a date will be taken through how to cut up a half a pig.

Can you imagine flirting with some guy back and forth on and you meet up for a drink and when you ask where he's taking you to dinner he says, "Actually, we're gonna cut us up some bacon." Then he takes you to the Brooklyn Kitchen and you two go all cleaver-fever on Babe from Kingston, NY. It's like every girl's dream come true.

I mean, fine, host a class on how to slaughter an animal. Do it semi-frequently. That's your biz. But trying to sell it as a date night? Wow.

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